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About Neway

As an international industrial valve manufacturer, Neway Valve has been committed to researching and manufacturing industrial valves, obtaining ISO 9001, API 6D, CE/PED, ISO 15848, TA Luft and API 607, API 6FA, etc. Since 2003, Neway has become a large valve manufacturer and exporter in China with ten series of products including Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Nuclear, Control, Subsea, Safety valves and Well-head equipment, which are widely applied in LNG, Air Separation, Petroleum, Natural gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Shipbuilding, Nuclear power, Pipeline Transmission applications and other fields.


FRVALVE strives to be the leading ball valve manufacturer in the world, with focus on forged steel-ball valve products and services. All the products are manufactured from ASME, ASTM & API-compliant forged steel. It certifies that FRV ball valves meet the standards required of Material, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Services. FRV products are currently used all over the world, capable of meeting the most severe and demanding needs of different industries. FRVALVE is fitted with state of the art equipment and technology, with the latest computerized control technology applied in the manufacturing process. The company is also well-equipped with large size heavy duty numeric control machines, CNCs and automatic ball grinders. Because of such capabilities and facilities, FRVALVE boasts a large inventory of products that competitors do not provide. FRV is capable of meeting ball valve requirements of up to 56″ and API 20,000 psi. FRV stands out from the competition with quality products, stringent quality control and experienced engineers. Trust FRVALVE to offer feasible solutions that ensure safety, reliability and durability in any ball valve application.

About YDF

YDF Valves was established in year 1978, as one of the leading valve manufacturers in China, YDF specializes in the development of innovative design, through intensive R&D programs and a commitment to be a good partner of flow control system.

YDF’s main product lines include Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly and Power Station valves, size range of 1/2 inch up to 60 inch, pressure rating of 150LB~2500LB, capable material for carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, alloy steel etc., design temperature of -196~ 650 Deg. C, designed in accordance to standard of ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, GB, BS, JIS and DIN Standard. YDF Valves have been widely used throughout the world in Oil, Gas, Chemical, Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Pipeline Transmission industrial and LNG application.